Lodge Family Tree Charts

Lodge Family Tree Charts

Freemasons meet in lodges. Each lodge will have a warrant of constitution from its governing Grand Lodge. A new lodge can be formed by a group of not less than seven Master Masons petitioning the Grand Master to do so. Each such petition must be supported by a recommendation from another lodge.

In this way lodges can establish a “daughter” lodge and family trees of lodges are developed. This database of lodge family trees has been provided by a third party software provider and the Library and Museum is unable to edit it or modify it.

Lodge Family Tree Charts – click here
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If you have difficulties using this database then please contact Library and Museum staff on libmus@freemasonry.london.museum who will be pleased to search for you and provide the information as a Word document attachment. We respond to enquiries as quickly as possible but there may be a delay so if your request is urgent please indicate this.

Warrant, 1766, front