Letchworth’s shop at Freemasons’ Hall

Letchworth’s at Freemasons’ Hall sells gifts, stationery, postcards and souvenirs of Freemasons’ Hall, many with unique designs, a wide range of official publications, books and magazines and Craft and Arch regalia (other regalia can be obtained to order). It offers a range of items which can be personalised for individuals, lodges or chapters. The Shop company is named after Sir Edward Letchworth, Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England between 1892 and 1917. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Library and Museum, all profits generated by the shop support the work of the Library and Museum.

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Letchworth's Shop

Opening times

Monday – Friday 10.30am-5.30pm
Saturday 10am-2.30pm
(except Bank Holiday weekends, Christmas and Easter)