Jewel: Penshaw Lodge

/—/Penshaw Lodge No 3194 was formed one hundred years ago in 1906 and still meets at the Masonic Hall, Shiney Row in County Durham. The lodge was named after the well known local landmark on Penshaw Hill.

The monument is a half sized version of the Temple of Theseus at Athens and was erected in 1844 by local freemasons in memory of the first Earl of Durham, John George Lambton, politician, statesman and Provincial Grand Master of Durham from 1818 until his death in 1840.

On 19th April 2006, more than 2,000 freemasons held a march to mark the opening of a Masonic Hall at the Beamish Open Air Museum in Durham. The Hall, which originally stood in Park Terrace, Sunderland and dates from 1869, was rescued and rebuilt brick by brick at the Museum.

See the Beamish web site on (external website opens in a new window) and the provincial website on (external website opens in a new window) for more information about visiting the Museum and pictures./—/Penshaw Lodge - Jewel