Jewel: Wellington Lodge No. 707

The Library and Museum has recently purchased this Masonic jewel with an unusual, if not unique, design. In the form of an oval pendant, 3.5 inches high, the jewel features a Square and Compass design around the letter G, a sunburst above and a set of steps below. On the reverse is the inscription “To Bro Henry Smith, Junior Warden of the Wellington Lodge, Chepstow No 707. This medal is presented as a token of respect for his great assistance in promoting the welfare of the lodge”. The inscription is dated 31st July 1820./—/Wellington Lodge No 707 was formed in 1818 and no doubt named after the military hero of Waterloo. It met originally at the Beaufort Arms, Beaufort Square, Chepstow and then, from 1820, at the Bell Inn in Chepstow. It enjoyed only a short life as a lodge, closing before 1837 due to lack of members. The only known surviving document is a list of its 16 members in 1819 which includes Henry Smith whose occupation is given as auctioneer.

The acquisition was supported by a donation from the Masonic Libraries and Museums Group. For further information on this group, please click here. /—/Wellington Lodge Masonic Lodge