Masonic Aprons

The Masonic apron is the badge of membership for Freemasons. It symbolises the protective apron worn by stonemasons and in its original form was a complete lambskin. When a member joins he completes three ceremonies or ‘degrees’. After finishing the first he receives a plain white apron, for completing the second the apron has sky blue rosettes on the lower corners.

The master mason’s apron with its sky blue edges and rosettes is the sign of completing the degree ceremonies.

If a mason progresses through the ranks of freemasonry the apron becomes more elaborate with upside down ‘T’ shapes replacing the rosettes for lodge masters and dark blue and gold decoration for more senior ranks.

These more senior ranks have two aprons, one richly decorated in gold embroidery for best and one in blue silk embroidery for normal wear.

Grand Treasurer's Apron

Grand Treasurer's Apron