The Spirit that sustains: Solent Lodge No. 6182

A group of Portsmouth freemasons began to think about the formation of a new lodge early in 1945. Solent Lodge No 6182 was formed shortly after the Second World War. Portsmouth, as a major naval base, had suffered considerable bomb damage during the war but the lodge jewel shown here shows a view of the Solent, peaceful and calm./—/

/—/The Library and Museum is undertaking a long term project to catalogue all the masonic jewels in its collection. Have a look on the catalogue page to see if your lodge jewel is there!

The Library and Museum currently has on display an exhibition entitled The Spirit that Sustains about freemasonry and the Second World War which looks at how English freemasonry faced the difficulties of the war on the Home Front.

Exhibition Dates/Times

Monday 31st January – Friday 19th August 2005 (Monday to Fridays only)

Open: 10am to 5pm / Admission free

Library and Museum staff are also giving a series of free afternoon talks in the week of the Anniversary of VE Day (details below)

Talks Programme

Monday 9th May at 4pm

The Spirit that sustains: An Overview of English Freemasonry and the Second World War: Diane Clements

Tuesday 10th May at 4pm

A Building at War: Freemasons’ Hall, London 1939-1945: Fay Newman

Wednesday 11th May at 4pm

Exiles, Allies and Victors: Masonic Association 1940-50: Martin Cherry

Thursday 12th May at 4pm

Doves, Dragons and the Leafy Idyll: A Study of the Iconography of Masonic Jewels, 1939-1945: Alison Royle

Friday 13th May at 4pm

From Peace to War: the material culture of Freemasonry in the Second World War: Mark Dennis