What is “Ahiman Rezon”?

The Antients’ Grand Lodge formed in 1751 published a Book of Constitutions in 1756, under the title Ahiman rezon, or a help to a brother. Eight editions were published in all before the Union of the two Grand Lodges in 1813. Earlier editions were almost copies of Anderson’s Constitutions produced by the Premier Grand Lodge, although the later editions were less than complementary about their older rival. There has been considerable debate over the meaning of the Hebrew title Ahiman Rezon. The will of selected brethren, The secrets of prepared brethren, Royal Builders and Brother Secretary are just four of the explanations that can be found in Masonic encyclopaedias. Copies of various editions can be viewed in the Library and Museum under the class mark: BE 94 GRA (ANT). (MC, April 2003)